Case Clicker

Published on, 6 months ago
221 played


"Case Clicker - сase opening simulator" is a cases and clicker simulator with various functions. Waiting for you: Case opening - over 80 cases and collections containing over 800 skins that you can get! Upgrade system - over 300 upgrades, increase your income, open new cases, increase your chances for better skins. Missions - complete missions and get money and experience. Inventory - build your own collection of the most expensive and rare skins and knives. Contracts - exchange 10 skins for 1 better quality skin. Ranking system - get to the highest rank. Lots of minigames - play and win the most expensive skins. Best Features: ★ Opening Cases. ★ Opening Collections ★ Clicker ★ Contracts ★ Roulette ★ Crash ★ Tower ★ Ranks ★ Experience System ★ Inventory ★ Enhancements ★ StatTrak ★ Player stats ★ Item quality

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